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Repairs, Remodels, Additions and New Build

Here is a list a just some of the things we do to help you maintain and repair your home. Click on the links to read more


Driveways and patios are often made with a concrete slab. Tree roots and age are two things that will take its toll on a concrete slab. Repairing a driveway can often improve the curb appeal and make the drive to your home smooth. Don’t wait and get the broken driveway or patio fixed today. 


Dry root and termite are the enemy of wood framing and wood beams. You do not want to wait to fix this kind of damage. Maintaining your home and making sure beams and framing are intact and solid is an important part of caring for your home. 


Stucco deteriate over time and needs to be maintained like the rest of your home. Stucco is the protection from the element of rain and wind. To keep this barrier strong, it is important that your home gets a regular coat of stucco. 


Masonry is often considered a low maintenance option when buying/building a home. There are however still some maintenances that needs to be done. If you home have an outer coat of stucco that need new coat of stucco on a on a regular basis. If the masonry is painted it is a good idea to get that done on a regular basis.


The Arizona sun is harsh with window frames. If you have wood framed windows they need to be painted at least every 2 years to protect the wood. New windows can be a great improvement to any home and has a lot of benefits. You could see your energy bill go down as well as gain a great noise reduction. 


If you have doors and are looking old or not closing tightly it might be time to consider new doors. We remove exciting and install new doors. Every kind of doors from pocket doors, exterior door, sliding glass doors, French doors, pre hung doors, barn doors and of course we do casing and trim.


If you have a piece of flooring that needs to be replaced. Taking out the damaged section and replace with a new section can often safe you from have to replace the floor in the entire room. it can be an easy fix. If a floor tile is broken and needs to be replaced it is not a problem, we can do that too. 


Tile can break and/or come loose. It is important to spray the grout once a year to protect it from water. If you have not done so in years tile might come loose and fall down. Replacing broke or loose tile is an easy job and we are happy to do it. 


If you have had a leak change are that you will need to replace part of your drywall. Drywall is fairly easy to break and if something fall into the drywall and makes a hole in it you might need to do a small drywall repair. We will repair the drywall and match the existing finish so you can’t tell it was fixed. 


Exterior paint faint in a few years and interior paint get dirty and dusty with time. Daily living might also cause the paint start flaking and get scrabes. Paint is a great way to freshen up the look of your home whether we are talking doing an exterior and/or doing the interior. 


Monsoon rain and winter rain in Arizona can be brutal on a roof. If you have a leak, it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible in order to prevent damage to framing and/or drywall or even worse, like the roof caving in. We do metal roofing, shingle, foam, modified, roof coating and water proofing.

Gutter/French Drain

The harsh sun here in Arizona causes havoc to everything exterior of the home. The gutter is no exception this slow decay. In the lifetime of your home, you will probably need to replace the gutters several times. We will remove the existing gutter and replace it with new gutter and make sure the down spouts drain the water away from the house. We can also install French drain and maybe even make a plant or tree benefit from the water. 

Here is a list a just some of the things we do to help you remodel your home. Click on the links to read more


With remodels changing plumbing or electrical is sometimes needed. We will remove the old concrete, have everything prepared for the remodel and replace the concrete. Changing a brick patio to a concrete slab is also a common remodel. 


Sometimes an old house with wood paneling will need a facelift. Stucco can be a great way to do a facelift and at the same time protect the home and create more insulation. A brick wall may need a cosmetic help and adding stucco could be a great new look to a tired looking brick wall. 


A concrete wall or concrete slab can look boring. Chaning the concrete out with brick can add some texture to an otherwise blank surface. It might be time to change the live fence out with a more solid wall like a block wall. Creating a clean, solid and strong wall around your property or outdoor kitchen area. 


New windows can be a great investment and remodel to your home. They will make your home look and feel fresh. They can also provide a great benefit of improving insulation and provide a noise reduction. 


Another great way to make your home look fresh and updated is to replace the doors. It might also be an idea to change the kind of door you have currently. A great option for tight spaces is barn doors or pocket doors. Putting in a new front door and maybe even a security door will help making your home more secure and add a feeling of safety. 


Changing out the floor can totally change the feel and look of a space. No matter what option you want to have installed in your home we are here to help. We have experience with tile, wood, engineered wood, linoleum and vinyl.


Tile work in your home is an easy and great way to add your personal touch to your home. There are many ways to use tile. They can be a special feature with a patten or picture. It is also a great way to make a high traffic, often used area easier to clean.


It is often said that remodeling a kitchen can add a great value to your home. Better yet, creating your dream kitchen can help you make the kitchen the central hub of your home. A place where the family and friends can gather for a lifetime of memories over great food and conversations. 


Having a bathroom that is like a spa may be in your dreams. Look no further…we can make that happen. There is nothing better than having your own spa right the next to your bedroom. A luxury place where you get to relax, enjoy and reflect on life and release the stress of life. 


Getting organized with cabinets in the closet or the garage can be a great way to release stress. New cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom can update your home and give it a feel of a new home. We both install new cabinets and replace old cabinets. 

Counter Tops

Counter tops are another great upgrade to your home. There are many options when it comes to countertops. We do everything from butcher block to granite, quarts and concrete,


A new paint job is probably the simplest upgrade you can do to your home. A fresh coat of paint can totally change the look of your home. Adding a feature wall can give a space personality. 

Here is a list a just some of the things we do to help you remodel your home. Click on the links to read more

Home Expansion

If your home is feeling tight and you really like where you live your best option might be to expand the current square footage of your home. Adding a living space, a master suite, children’s room/s, in-law suite or guest room/s might be enough to help you decide to stay in your current home.


The sun is really harsh here in southern Arizona. Having a carport or garage can significantly prolong the paintjob of your car. If you want a more secure space for your car you might want to have a garage. RV’s are becoming more popular and storing then can be mount to a huge expense. Having your own RV garage will lower that cost and give easy access to your RV when you want it. 

S/He Cave

Are you having a hobby that your significant other doesn’t want to have in your home or are you just looking to have a space of your own then a S/he cave might be a perfect answer. Whether you want a wall to hang the huge TV, a workstation to do craft or a great seating area we can help get that special space for you. 

Outdoor Living Space

Arizona is the perfect place to have an outdoor living space. A place for family and friends to hang out and enjoy a wonderful time together with conversations and games. We can help create a warm inviting space with all the amenities that you would want in a living space. 

Fireplace/Fire Pit

Nothing says “hygge” like an open fire. Many great memories and stories are shared around a fire pit/fireplace. Best of all you can now have smores right there in your own back yard. We do traditional fire pits and fireplaces however we can also do a beehive fireplace. 

Shade Structure

You have a perfect outdoors living space however the brutal sun of Southern Arizona makes it so you can’t enjoy the space as much as you want. We have the perfect solution. A pergola or shade structure (“shade tree”) or covered porch might be just what you were looking for, allowing you to spend time outside in perfect shade.

Outdoor Kitchen

Nothing tastes better than food cooked outside on open fire, the barbeque or in the pizza own. Make the dream of an outdoor kitchen a reality. We can make the kitchen as elaborate as you want it. You can have it all from a place to cook to the kitchen sink. We can even make a place for you to hang the TV. 

Barbeque Area

You bought a great barbeque and after using it you found that you really needed a table to set your cooking utensils and food. We can build you that perfect barbeque area where you will have place to keep all the things you need for grilling. We can even make so you have a light above so grilling in the evening will not be a problem. 

Screen Enclosure

The last couple of years we have had a longer and more intense monsoon season. This means more mosquitos and more flies. They can not only be annoying they can also bring disease. If you are ready to make sure those pests are not joining you during your outside time you should consider a screen enclosure. Take back the back yard and have a space for you and your family that is insect free. 


A casita is a place to have family and friends close yet giving them their own space, so they don’t feel encroaching on your space. Casitas can also be used to help out family or friends in need of a short-term place to stay. It could even be used as a AirB&B when not in use by family or friends. 

In-Law Suite

If you or your significant other have elderly parent/s that needs a place to live close by then the best solution might be to add on an in-law suite. It can be built as a self-contained unit or as just an ensuite room. Having elderly parents close could be a great way to reelevate stress from a concern of health and a financial burden. Benefits of have the grandparents around is great for kids.

Guest Quarters

Like an in-law suite, guest quarters can be built as either a self-contained unit or as an ensuite room. This will give guests a place of their own, so they don’t feel they are encroaching on your home. It could also be used as a rental unit or roommate unit to help offset the cost of the mortgage. 

New Build

Pre-build Traditional with
Green Features

Level 1: We are building new traditional stick frame houses with many green features such as gray water harvesting, rainwater harvesting, metal roof just to mention a few. 

These new built houses are built many places in Southern Arizona, and we are constantly building more. Contact us soon for a list of these new traditional built home with green features as they do sell fast. 

Check out the newest build by submitting the contact form:      Write Traditional Prebuilt w/green Features in the notes. 

Traditional New Build with
Green Features

Level 2: Ready to build a custom with some green features. We will help you pick the green features that is the best fit for you and your family. 

There are really many options of green features to choose from and you can go as little green or as much green as you are comfortable with. All the green features are organically integrated in the traditional build design. 

Contact us start a new home built with green feature ideas:             Write New Build w/Green Features in the notes.  

Alternative Green House

Level 3: Do you want to add an addition using green building material, methods, green features and/or styles. 

We help find the best fit for the already existing house by going over the pros and cons of alternative materials, methods and styles. It is important that the addition looks like it has always been part of the house all the while reaping the benefit of building green. 

Go to contact us to start your addition with green features and about options: Write Addition w/Green Features in the notes.

Alternative Green House
New Build

Level 4: Ready to leave as little footprint and maybe even have a carbon negative home with many green features

This is the option where we look at the pros and cons of the building materials, methods and styles. This option is the best option for people dealing with chemical sensitivity. We look at what are you and your family are wanting from the green build and how can we best accommodate all the wishes and dreams. 

Contact us to start your new built with little to no carbon footprint: Write Green House New Build in the notes

Green House
Prefab Home

Level 5:  Most new construction has a lot of waste. Buying a prefab home is the best way to eliminate waste.

We have teamed up with Boxabl to give you an option of getting a prefab green build. The home is small in footprint, insulated and include LED lighting.

It is easy to add other green features to the home like solar panels, rainwater harvesting and even greywater harvesting.  

Contact us to start your new built with little to no carbon footprint: Write “Prefab New Build” in the note

Green features to the Structure

  • Foundation (this is limited to what permitting allow)
  • Walls (look at different building materials)
  • Roof (metal, recycled material or green roof)
  • Insulation (Depending on material and wall material build)
  • Flooring (Earthen, recycled, concrete for passive solar heating)
  • Windows (recycled, double or triple glazing)

Green Amenity Features

  • Countertop (Recycled, upcycled, renewable material or lifelong material)
  • Cabinets (Recycled, Upcycled, Renewable materials)
  • Rainwater Harvesting (For Irrigation or to filtered for reclaimed water)
  • Greywater Harvesting (For irrigation)
  • Solar Panels 
  • Solar Skylights
  • Attic Radiant Barrier
  • Windmills/Wind Turbines
  • Geothermal heating and cooling
  • Radiant Heating and Cooling
  • Solar Hot Water or Tankless Water Heater
  • Energy Star Appliances
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Low Flush Toilets
  • Compost Toilets
  • Smart Light Fixtures
  • Biodegradable Household Cleaners